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  1. Rusty McNeil

    Busted bike

    :bang head: The first time really going anywhere on my bike and now it's down again. I took my bike to Vmoa tech day for the ride coming up and let somebody I trust take it for a spin. The tranny is now roasted, pulled the clutch basket to get a peek and you can see some torn up gears in...
  2. max_caper

    Busted at border: dangerous goods

    http://ca.news.yahoo.com/womans-candy-egg-seized-border-20110110-145449-459.html I feel safer...do you feel safer? Blaine
  3. mattness

    NSFW: guy busted by wife with 3..no wait 4..chicks

    http://www.efukt.com/20740_Cheating_Fail.html lol watch it all the way through they just come out of no where!! hahahhaa:rofl_200:
  4. R

    2009 VMax Speed Governor Busted! 162mph

    borrowed from another site: With the help of several members and our local dyno shop Sport Tech Cycles we have completed our endavour of removing the 138 mph top speed limiter. Let's jump to the results first. A dyno chart tells more than a 1000 words and for some reason seems to be accepted...
  5. E

    busted and disgusted!

    I went to my mothers last night for dinner and ended up staying the night. this morning my Step father woke me up. it seems he becked into my Max and knocked it over. He said nothing happened to it. I said i have never seen a 600 pound bike fall with no damage. Luckily he bumped it from behind...
  6. firefly

    The dreaded oil O-ring busted!!!

    I've never opened up the pan myself but took the bike to the dealer in the past and made him check it and replace all o-rings of the oil pick up line due to all what is going around about it popping out, to me it is peace of mind. that said. I had a cheap air pump that came with an exercises...
  7. firefly

    The rear axel torque finally BUSTED

    OK guys I asked the dealer,the guy that prepares bikes for delivery. " this is part of Yamaha factory PDI ( pre-delivery inspection ) Rear Axel torque for FJR, Vmax, Venture is 110 ft-Lb." " I feel it is a little too much but this is what Yamaha wants! 95 ft-lb is OK." So this is the end of...