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  1. J

    My experience getting a 2004 VMX12 road ready after sitting for 5 years

    Hey folks. Long time lurker; this forum has helped me immensely and I thought I would post not only to say THANKS!! but also to share some information that helped me in this year long endeavor. Some backstory to the bike: It's a bone stock 2004 with 47K kilometers. My friend was the second...
  2. 4E5C0D0C-78C7-4D4C-9B49-9D7F99FB6AA4.jpeg


    Carb 3
  3. 407Jlew

    Vent tube gushing gas

    2007 Vmax turns over just fine but will not start. When turning over, gas flows out of the left side vent tubes. Specifically the left, rear carb. I've read it could be a stuck float. Could it possibly be a no spark issue and therefore the carbs get full and overflow? Any ideas would be...
  4. Fire-medic

    Carb I.D.

    I bought a set of carbs which are advertised as being for a VMax. However, I haven't seen any carbs like this before. They look nearly-identical to other VMax carbs I've disassembled, but there are a couple of things different on them. There is an extra hose on one carb, and one carb on each...
  5. dewcrazzy

    carb adjustment help

    What is the screw for that is just over the idle screw to the right that if I turn it to the right my idle goes up and to the left it goes down. I used a straight head screw driver on it?
  6. G

    Carb by the numbers

    So I used NaughtyG's excellent picture rich post as a guide, and over 3days cleaned all 4. Here are the numbers, 24 frame/bracket screws, 16 slide diaphragm cover screws, 16 float bowl cover screws, 12 coasting enrichment screws, 12 choke cylinder screws, 8 jet block screws, 4 choke fork screws...
  7. vmax2extreme

    RAM AIR SCOOPS w/VGAS Carb setup

    UFO RAM AIR Scoops with VGAS carbs setup. Scoops are primed so that you can paint them to match your color scheme. Comes with everything shown in all the pictures for the setup. RAM AIR Scoops, VGAS carbs, Throttle cable sets, intakes, and all shown hose assembly. All shipped within...
  8. M

    Carb repair on bike..

    1999 VMax Needle seat/sleeve has loosened up (unseated) from seat. Is it possible to repair without taking all four carbs out for bench work?
  9. vmax1998

    Carb leaking

    Hi on the left side of my 98 vmax it seems like the carb is leaking. I recently synced the carbs to the best of my ability and went around to all the carbs and made sure the af mix screws were all 2.5 turns out. My back left carb on the left side is wet around the outside and it smells like...
  10. sdt354

    Carb sync screw.

    Does anyone know the thread pitch on the carb sync screws? I'm trying to find one for the right side linkage if they are even different. 6mm by? very fine thread. The screw is stripped but threads are ok. If had hair to pull out I'd have had at it. I finally pulled the carbs flipped them over...
  11. shawnlee

    carb problems

    @001 Vmax has been sitting for 4 months in my garage. Shotgunned the carbs twice and the second time was better,occasionally she would feel like her old self, but still not running right. Heck a harley could beet me now,and that's really bad. Help me if you can. Thanks too all.
  12. 3BadBirds

    Carb Compatibility Question

    I have a 92 bike and a set of spare carbs off of an 88. I was thinking of rebuilding the spare set to reduce down time and then just swapping the fresh set on when I was done. Is it safe to assume that these two years (i.e., 88 and 92) are identical? I thought all the carbs from this...
  13. capymotiv

    Carb plugs

    Can someone point in the right direction or educate me on the purpose of the little rubber plugs on the jet block. I can find very little info on their actual purpose. Can the plugs be disposed and the port sealed? do they affect performance? Etc...
  14. F

    carb tune and reading plugs

    Hey every one iam having a few issues getting my tune right just finished building it with my boys got it off a guy that pulled it apart 18 years ago and sat it in the shed till i got a hold of it it has stage 7 needles and springs main is a i think dj 165 in pic jets on side of...
  15. H

    Carb flood/ hessitate when roll on

    Hi there. My max startet to act funny. Hessitates on roll on, But power comes at higher rpm´s. Pulled the airbox for a peashooter and noticed this "flooding" from one of the carbs. I made a vid on youtube, if one of you have the time to look it would be great. I know you cant say for...
  16. jdeitz1979

    Inexpensive carb boots

    So, a few of us on here have wondered about these cheap carb boots that are offered at $20 for the set opposed to the $80+ per set of Yamaha boots. Now, sometimes I'd like to save a buck, and sometimes I'd rather pay the extra buck. But when it comes to rubber boots, how do we know unless we...
  17. jdeitz1979

    Morgan carb sync, gone bad?

    Can these not work properly? This is why I ask. I sync my bike, and if I think works well. I let my buddy use it on his Suzuki bandit 1200 sv and he claims he runs worse when he gets them all in sync according to the tool. So he approaches it (tuning) free hand, going by sound, response and...
  18. D

    Help with '85 carb issues?

    Hi All - Trying to get my '85 Vmax running after 4 years off the road. I had the carbs rebuilt. Gas tank has been removed and POR-15 treated. New gas filter. Fuel pump disassembled and cleaned. Pump spins up with no problem. At first bike would start but needed to have choke on to stay running...
  19. G

    Carb Syncing Problem

    So.. I had an issue with the carb sync. It mainly had to do with the vacuum on Cylinder #4. I'm having an issue that the sync just won't line up. I pulled the carbs to clean but found they were basically spotless on the inside, I still ended up rebuilding the #4 carb just because I was in...
  20. greimers

    Move to lower elevation

    I moved from Calgary AB (1000m) to Winnipeg MB area (200m) and my bike is running really poorly - puffing and popping. Plugs are light and it runs better on 1/2 choke. Seems to be ok from 3/4 to WOT I wasn't expecting the elevation change to make that much of a difference (what do people do...