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  1. Corrugated

    2004 fuel / carb / running problems

    Hello All, Had some running problems with my 2004 a few months ago, discovered some rust in the tank and have since pulled and cleaned / sealed the tank and reinstalled. Installed new fuel filter as a further precaution. Just finished performing the Shotgun clean on all 4 carbs (seemed...
  2. M

    Who needs Mikuni carb's?

    New guy here only stopping thru. Dont beat me up to bad. What i believe I have is a full set (4) Mikuni carbs in the rack (or whatever y'all call it, sorry) and the air box with a K&N filter. When I look up the part number on the air box its coming back to an 04 VMAX, so figured this may be the...
  3. Joe Planter

    Proper way to rebuild carbs?

    Hello, I just bought my 1994 VMAX for $2300. After having some issues with it idling (which i figured out and solved) I tore apart the carbs and rebuilt them and in the process damaged them by pounding out the brass pieces that the float valves sit in. Long story short I ordered new carbs and am...
  4. Paul S Wilcox

    Carbs all done --- still having problems (high idle, can't sync)

    Thanks for everyone’s help in getting my '88 VMAX carbs MOSTLY sorted out. (Special thx to Sean @ Morleys Muscle for sending my new jets so fast.) After putting the completed carbs onto the bike (with stock airbox and no air leaks) there’s still a very high idle and I’m unable to get my left...
  5. Paul S Wilcox

    MYSTERY Carb Deposits

    Hi Folks, Has anyone ever seen carb deposits like the ones in this photo? I've rebuilt many carbs over the years but have never seen these chalky, yellowish powdery chunks of mystery crap. History: -- When I first tore down my carbs about four months ago, they had the usual brownish...
  6. A

    Looking for Gen1 Vmax Mechanic in Florida

    Hello all, Does anyone know of a mechanic in Florida (preferably) central FL. That understands and works on Gen 1 Vmax's? I want to get my bike looked at to determine if I want to fix it to sell, Just sell, or to put $$ in it to make it a dream bike again. This was (is) my first bike (A V-max...
  7. E

    Need carb body's or assembly's

    Hey all. First post here and for good reason because of answers I cannot find. I have a 97 vmax 1200 (non CA) I bought it with intent to flip it cause I got it for such a steal but now I'm paying for it. The AF screws were seized and had to get them machined out. One of the body's cracked and...

    Popping though carbs

    I'm new to these bikes and I'm not sure what is normal. I have a 1986 Vmax and I have noticed that when idling if I crack the throttle and also on acceleration that I can hear a fairly faint popping what seems to be coming from under the air box. I'm wondering if it's an intake valve issue. If...
  9. shawnlee

    balancing carbs

    Can someone send me a picture of what the tabs are supposed to look like,without the springs in them, so I can tell if mine are bent. I have read this might be part of the problem I have but I don't see how this could happen. I have not dropped the bike and nothingnhas ran into it. Also, where...
  10. TB99Max

    85 carbs

    Carbs of a 85. I have not opened them up at all. They still have the little special hex type screw in the slide covers. The a/f screws all turn freely also. $350 plus shipping
  11. V

    cleaning carbs

    At one point I read a thread where there is a technician that rebuilds vmax carbs is willing to repair if someone is willing to send them to him, thanks
  12. cuathetop

    Carbs same for 85-06?

    Will any year work on any year bike?
  13. pikipikos

    A/f screws on 94 carbs

    Hi 94 max, is smelly...i think is too reach..carbs have been rebuild last year..where are the a/f screws anyway?? If are the ones under the diaphragm covers, they don't seem to turn, like preset think...wet level is a 1mm under the 17mm line on clear tube... Please hekp to tune my...
  14. drdyno

    I'm almost there!!!!!!

    I'm an experienced drag racer and motorcycle collector, but I am absolutely new to V-motors. I'm looking for a carb tip from some forum pro which I will appreciate greatly... but first a little more background. I decided I just HAD to have this beautiful red 2005 like MINT with 4000 mi...
  15. R

    make old carbs new again

    Is fuel supposed leak out (small amount) through the needle jet, around the jet needle of carburetors on a 85 v max at idle? Looking down through the bores of all four carbs. Bike hadn't been started in three years but after changing all fluids and stopping the gas leaks i did get the bike...
  16. M


    I made a mistake and ruined the left rear carb body on my 2007 Vmax. Does anyone have a good carb body or complete carb that I can purchase? I'd also be interested in the fuel mix screw and spring for that carb too...
  17. R

    How to press the carbs block down

    Was having trouble pushing the carbs block down so it sits properly. Resorted to approach attached. Laugh all you want, but it works! :-) Hope this helps others!
  18. 3BadBirds

    Best Way to Store "Recently Used" Carbs

    I was recently given a set of carbs from a Vmax buddy who decided to forgo a project he was working on (long story). I've been having issues with my current carbs so this was greatly appreciated. In any event, I will not be getting around to installing them for at least another 4 months or so...
  19. vmax2extreme

    Gen1 carbs -SOLD-

    According to the prior owner these carbs were gone through last fall and all internal gaskets replaced. Never installed back on the bike.
  20. Trondyne

    Phase two: Exhaust and Carbs

    It'll be awhile before I get around to doing the carbs and exhaust, but I figure I'll post this now since I just learned what I have... I was going through the giant binder that came with my, now two month old 1993, Max... I discovered this jet kit was installed some time ago along with the...