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  1. H

    How to set the clock and a lock info

    How do I set the clock on the Vmax ? and what is the key lock for that's right below the seat on the side of the bike ? I know the clock is set with the 2 things by the bars but I aint pushing nothing till I got some info on what I am doing. any know where I can get a owners manual for it ?
  2. M

    Great clock

    Nice clock for a screensaver . . .
  3. Mr. Max

    Handlebar clock

    Some F'n jackass stole my handlebar clock, it was two piece and I still have the mount on but the clock itself is missing :bang head: It was cheap and not so great any way, fresh battery lasted way less than a year etc.. What kind of clocks are you guys running with? I'd like a black casing and...
  4. zippo6

    Shediac RCMP clock motorcyclist at 151 km/h

  5. Max01red

    Vmax clock

    I found this messing around on Ebay the other day....they actually have quite a bit of Vmax stuff on there... I really like this line in his I think it looks great in the kitchen, but some "not so understanding individuals" prefer it in the den, office, garage or...