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  1. B

    Aftermarket connecting rods?

    I'm in the process of gathering parts for my 89' max turbo project and came across the inexpensive performance connecting rods on eBay. I see that they come with ARP 2000 bolts which is a reputable piece but am concerned with the quality of the rods and small end bronze bushing. Just wondering...
  2. P

    3 wires connecting to the vboost controller

    The 3 wires connecting to the vboost controller are all belling out with each other is this normal ?
  3. D

    Connecting rods and pistons

    Hey guys just was wondering if you could give me a bit of info on where to find parts and if they are needed? I am putting together a new turbo setup and am going to rebuild the whole motor this time and do it right. I am figuring the power is going to be in the 180-200 horse range running a...
  4. R

    How to select main bearing and connecting rod shell sizes

    Hi, I am trying to find the correct thicknesses for connecting rod and crankshaft main bearing shells but ran into an issue. For crankshaft main bearings you need the markings on the crankshaft and the outside of the engine block. The first one no problem, the engine mount where the numbers...
  5. N

    Oil Clearance - Crank and Connecting Rod

    (updated info - SKIP ahead to post on 7-21-2010 ) !!!!! Question for all you motor rebuilders.. My crank journals for the rods are mic'ing out at 1.4952 The rods I am using belonged to this Crank, the used bearings are mic'ing out at 1.4970" .. so approx .0018" oil clearance... Book...
  6. L

    Bad connecting rod ?

    I am new to this site as well as new owner of a v max. I purchased a 2000 model max with 22000 miles. I knew before buying that it had a slight knock in left front cyl. From what I have read it sounds like connecting rod. At idle you can't hear it but with a screwdriver up to the ear you can...
  7. 82ndCowboy

    Connecting a shift light?

    Anyone have a shift light Installed on thier Max? Where's the best place to connect a shift light. I only need to connect 3 wires. Ground - that is easy to figure out. Power - needs to be connected to power source that only comes on when key is on. So where is the best place to connect this...