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  1. N

    22L/100km fuel consumption on the racetrack!!!

    Hi guys, few weeks ago we went to MotoGP in Brno Czech Republic and we had an opportunity to ride on the track. In the camp right before the ride I topped my fuel tank. For 3 laps on the track (one lap is 5km) and 5km of highway ride to the first gas station, my Vmax burned 4.5 L of fuel. That...
  2. K

    Fuel Consumption?

    A quick question from a new Vmax owner. My bike is a 1986, but in excellent condition. It appears to be 'stock' regarding the jets and has original pipes. She runs like a dream and has the Vboost. My question is what sort of gas/mileage should I expect to get. At the moment I only seem to be...
  3. naughtyG

    fuel pressure loss question

    Hi all, sorry I haven't been around much - still riding my Max and loving it just not as often as I'd like! I have a question about the fuel pressure and especially the loss of it: I know that on a normal max, if it's left to sit for a few days, then upon switching the ignition back on there...
  4. M

    Overly high fuel consumption

    Hey all! I'm currently getting around 100kms (about 60miles) out of a full tank before the fuel light comes on, which I thought might have been pretty normal given the mods, but then I looked more into it and discovered that something must be wrong She's an '04, with stage 7, UFO 4-2-1...
  5. VMAX1260

    To much fuel consumption

    I made a trip 700 kilometres. I put fuel on my max and began. Before i put 170 main jets on my carbs (with smaller jets had problems in high rpm) and 17 rear wheel i could travel about 190 kilometers before i switch to reserve. In this trip every time i put gas on my tank i couldnt reach...
  6. Calimus

    Oil Consumption

    So, I've heard that the Max is a bit of an oil eater. That being the case, whats normal usage under what kinds of riding conditions? Obviously, the more time spent in vboost should net more oil usage, but whats acceptable and what could be an indicator to a larger problem?