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  1. Zeus36

    Converting from metric to SAE?

    I am curious as to how many of you convert from metric fasteners to US standard (SAE) when doing modifications or repairs? I have converted my rear fender relocation mounting bolts, air box screws, a coolant hose clamp, slider spools, and engine case guards to SAE hex bolts (Allen). Mainly...
  2. A

    Converting to chain final drive???

    I am new to the V-Max forum, but I am interested in using a V-Max engine for a project that I am getting ready to start. . . My question is. . .how difficult would it be (or would it even be possible) to convert the V-Max engine to chain final drive? Thanks for helping a newb out.
  3. clintard

    Converting To L.E.D Lighting

    Hey guys i just purchased a set of marker lights for maxine. I opted for billet case and black lens. Im wanting to convert them to led lights because i just LOVE how fast...