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  1. N

    Crankshaft internal thread stripped

    Hi guys, started replacing the starter clutch over the weekend... flywheel came off eventually (actually easier then anticipated, happy days). Changed starter clutch went to reassemble and then noticed I'd stuffed the first few threads of the Crankshaft internal thread so now the flywheel...
  2. D

    Crankshaft replacement help

    Hey all, I have a 2003 vmax that spun a rod bearing and the crank is now junk. My buddy had a 1989 or around that year vmax and he decided to part it out and let me have the crankshaft out of it in exchange for me taking it apart (I've taken my engine apart before to get my transmission fixed of...
  3. U

    Bad crankshaft

    Hello, I have a 1988 Vmax with 19,000 miles on it. It had a horrible lower knock so I pulled the motor on it and dug into it. The knock was coming from a rod bearing that had spun on the left front cyl. and scored the crankshaft journal some. Does anyone know the limit that the journal can be...
  4. Diablotin

    Looking for Crankshaft assy

    A friend of mine is looking for a replacement of his crankshaft assy (1FK1140000). I saw there might be some compatibility with the venture, any feedback about it ?
  5. firefly

    New crankshaft balancing?

    If a new crankshaft is installed how do you balance it? I read something about dynamic balancing but didn't have time to read more on the subject. any input is appreciated. Thanks
  6. MAXXMAN93-4301

    New Crankshaft?

    :ummm:i was reading the specs and noticed they say it has a new 180 deg crankshaft. my question is does this mean it has a even firing seqence now? i hope not the lope is one of the things i love about the 1st gen.:confused2:
  7. B

    vmax stock crankshaft specs

    hello fellow maxers, i am rebuilding a 98 vmax engine and i cant find the stock outside diameter for big and small ends of the crankshaft. i have the factory sevice manual and cannot find the specs,or the proper clearances . i want to buy new bearings ,but without crank specs i dont know if i...