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  1. V4bandit

    Friday the 13th in Port Dover

    Some pics of my day in Dover. Had a blast and tried to get pictures of all the Vmaxes I could find. lol Wish I could have parked mine on main street. The 85' would have looked pretty sharp, but I was ok with a side street. lol
  2. Mr. Bill

    Friday April 13th, Port Dover, Ontario

    Hey Everyone.................Friday April 13th will be another gathering of thousands of motorcyclists in Port Dover. This event happens every Friday the 13th in the lakeside town of Port Dover. The long range forcast is looking good so maybe we could get some Vmax riders together for this...
  3. veebooster

    Port Dover Fri 13th

    Anyone heading out to Port Dover on Friday 13th?? They're going for the world record again. Will be crowded!:eusa_dance: Dale #2592
  4. tfisher65

    Friday the 13th, Port Dover

    Good time had by all even though we got separated in the 120,000+ people and the 30+ degrees. Great meeting new Maxers.
  5. Bill Seward

    A couple Port Dover pics

    Just to show you what a boring time we all had...
  6. Robbarrie

    Dover Friday the 13th

    Anybody going to Dover on Fri July 13/07 ?
  7. Buster Hymen

    Southern Ontario Riders! Port Dover Run

    So anyone up for the Friday the 13th run to Port Dover, April 13th? If the weather is fairly good, and we don't get our usual snowfall, who wants to meet up? There is another one in July, if this doesn't work out, weather wise. More here . There is usually a good turn out of bikes.
  8. Buster Hymen

    Port Dover ride Oct 13

    Who north (or even south) of the border is doing the Friday the 13th ride in October? :rocket bike: