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  1. T

    Dry shot nitrous with vboost?

    Hi all, It's my first time on the site and I'm loving it! I have had a quick look through previous topic and couldn't find any info relating to my question. I have a 1990 model vmax with vboost, I have fitted a sassy vboost controller which allows you to set your vboost to be fully open at...
  2. O

    wet float vs dry float levels

    I've noticed that setting my dry float with the 1.125" gap does not result in a 17mm wet float level. Any reason this would happen other than a bad caliper? I assume I should adjust based on wet float measurements rather than dry?
  3. Sniper Predator

    Gas Cap Manual / Tutorial for Dry Rotted or Cracked Gas Cap Seals

    Want to replace your gas cap seal and not loose having one key for all locks? Well, now you can with this tutorial. My gas caps seal was cracked, so I originally started to see if I can just replace the gas cap seal, one thing led to another.... I figured out how to replace every piece down...
  4. M

    valve cover leaking/gaskets dry rot?

    Hey guys, I recently developed a small oil leak on my front valve cover on my 2007 VMAX. This perplexed me because I never removed the valve cover and the bike only has 14000 miles. With further investigation under magnification I can see both of my valve cover gaskets are dry rotted! I am...
  5. naughtyG

    Do you store your Max wet or dry?

    Ok here's a poll. How do you all store your bikes? Do you keep the carbs wet or dry? Do you use SeaFoam or Stabil or something else? Do you keep refilling your bowls or let them go dry? Let's get the vmaxforum statistics in action :punk:
  6. gamorg02

    NOS questions....

    So i had toyed with the idea of putting NOS on my bike but I want to learn a bit more about it first.... The kit that jeff just put in abe's bike, does that put NOS between the fuel pump basically and the carb fill tubes? I have read there is two different kinds? Wet that goes in the fuel and...
  7. maleko89

    Setting dry float levels on the bench

    Set for 1.125 inches to get a 17 mm wet level. Picture courtesy of Icepick. Mark #1098
  8. firefly

    Dry film lubrication ?

    I came across this site , did anyone try this before? they say that treating parts with dry film lubricant before engine assembly reduces wear of all moving parts and prolongs engine life drastically, it sounds like the miracle lubricants you add to oil but is more sophisticated and expensive...