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  1. gamorg02

    NOS questions....

    So i had toyed with the idea of putting NOS on my bike but I want to learn a bit more about it first.... The kit that jeff just put in abe's bike, does that put NOS between the fuel pump basically and the carb fill tubes? I have read there is two different kinds? Wet that goes in the fuel and...
  2. KJShover

    Nitrous FAQ

    Pulled this from Burgerman www.nitrous.info , the man knows nitrous (Or often called "Noss" by the kid, fan of the fast and furious movies, racers) and he knows how to make power with nitrous. How Does Nitrous Oxide Work? There are three points. First, nitrous oxide is comprised of 2 parts...
  3. Buster Hymen

    FAQ has been updated

    I've updated the FAQ so it is more specific to how to do things on this forum. Post up any other FAQs you'd like to see pertaining to how to use the forum. We are currently working on a VMax specific FAQ, so if anyone wants to write one (just post a text file and I'll take it from there) on...