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  1. S

    Indicator Fuses Location Please

    My Indicators on my 1700 vmax 2009 have stopped working and I think it's probably the fuse, but don't know where it is, does anybody know where the Fuses on the Flasher Unit are please?? Thanks:eusa_dance:
  2. J

    Keep on Blowing Fuses with D/Lights Install

    Howide, I am trying to inststal some Kury Silver Bullets. They have one power wire coming out of it. Grounded thru the metal housing. I am mounting them on the Forks. I keep on blowing fuses. Has anyone been down this road? Or any advice would be highly helpful. Jack
  3. pjmac5

    Turn Signal Fuses

    I just added a new set of front turn signals. They worked for a few seconds and then went dead. All 4 turn signals no longer work. I assume it is a fuse. Well I cannot find a fuse for the turn signals. I found the main fuse but cant find anything else. I hate to come across as a neophyte...
  4. T

    blowing fuses

    i have a 91 vmax that just started blowing the igntion fuse. 6 times. no changes were made to the bike. sometimes it blows as soon as i put it in gear other times after i drive a few miles. i changed fuses and with engine off turned on and of signals while in neutral held brake trying to blow...
  5. davidon

    Blowing fuses

    Went to start up but I'm blowing the ignition fuse. Is it safe to assume the other circuits are OK (signals, headlight). These work with no problem.
  6. Legion

    Help. Blowing fuses after indicator swap

    Hey guys, i need your help. Last week I switched out the stock indicators for the halogen 'Vmaxicators' and tail/brake light for an LED swap. The problem I'm having is I keep blowing 10A fuses in about 10-15 minutes after i turn over the bike. I dont think it has anything to do with the rear...
  7. gunrunner

    electrical short or its just blowing fuses

    Got my bike on thursday and for 1 thing the tacnometer doesnt go but now the main light and tach light wasnt going , later to find it had blown a fuse so fixed that then went on to look at the tacho prob cleaned the connections turned the key to find no lights again. What could be causing this ...
  8. shawn kloker

    blown fuses

    Hey why does my turn signal blow the fuse everytime I turn it on?LOL! Just kidding I can figure it out.