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  1. J

    FZR1000 Front caliper upgrade...

    Just installed front 6 pod calipers from a 95 FZR1000 and new EBC HH pads on my 97 Max..wow what a difference....had to lower the dist block down an inch to make lines work(IMO...or in my comfort zone) until I order steel lines...bolt on using stock master cylinder....see pics....Thank you Sean...
  2. BorgBiker

    Not Your Average Chopper!

    This is odd, twisted, sick, and cool. Kudo's to the designer for doing something different! Custom Yamaha Chopper
  3. Ramalama

    93 Vmax with 93 FZR1000 Front Forks Questions

    I have some suspension setup questions about my Vmax that I need some help with. First off, it's a 93 Vmax with USD fork conversion, sport bike wheels off of a gsxr, works connection rear shocks, and a Fischer Millenium swingarm. The front forks are from a 91-93 fzr1000 and it has MEK triple...
  4. Fire-medic

    Use of FZR1000 front end

    Not an USD fork. I recently bought a 1990 FZR1000 front fork/wheel/trees/brakes complete to swap onto my VMax. Today I was able to get a set of VMax '93+ (mine is '92) downtubes & sliders from another member, he wasn't using them & gave them to me very reasonably, they look to be in great...
  5. W

    fzr1000 rear brake

    had some spares laying about so i thought about fitting an fzr1000 rear disc to my vmax. never liked the massive stock rear disc, but didn't want to do an r1 mod... fzr one is still big, but nevertheless smaller than vmax's. so.... what i used were: 1992 fzr1000 rear disc (same bolt pattern as...
  6. K

    FZR1000 Speedo Gear??

    Anyone know if the FZR1000 speedo gear will fit the Vmax?
  7. M

    94 FZR1000 Motor, wheel,swingarm etc

    I've got a 94 FZR1000 minus bodywork and headlights, all else is there. call 512.554.3262