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  1. Vmaxrider2015

    Searching for a StarMax member

    I have been wanting to do a retrofit on my 2015 Vmax for years. I have a few questions, though. I took these screenshots in 2017 from a Starmax post. Does anyone recognize the bike? I would love to ask the owner a few questions regarding the project.
  2. hbt1163

    Headlight problem

    thank you guys for having this site. It has saved me numerous times. The other morning I was going to work, and my bike started fine, then headlight started flickering while turning handle bars while backing up. Then headlight went out and won't come back on. The high beam light indicator...
  3. Eric Cunningham

    Brogue headlight

    Hi vmaxers, Anyone try this headlight idea? It kind of grows on me vs the Mt03 headlight upgrade. I am not sure if it will even mount correctly as I am waiting for a reply from Brogue.
  4. Bill Seward

    Headlight aim.

    Stupid question.. In 33 years I have never adjusted Zillas headlight. I want to lower it a bit..where the heck are the adjusters? The 2 screws near the bottom of the ring only seem to adjust left and right aim.. I need it lowered.
  5. Vrooom


    Headlight stopped working, put on other bike it works so it's not the bulb or fuse any ideas, I'm thinking the switch grrr! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. K

    Headlight wiring

    I will be installing this vrod led headlight. I just want to confirm. Per the pic, the low beam and high beam are two separate connectors, so I will be cutting those. So I should just connect the VMAX green wire to the low beam red and the VMAX yellow wire to the high beam red and then attach...
  7. B


    I know its been up before about headlight - but will this 5 3/4 fit in the original https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222585989559
  8. U

    Headlight out

    My headlight wont come on, even though the bike starts and runs fine. I saw another thread that said "pull the starter switch back out" and lubricate. Does this mean removing it or something else?
  9. A

    wtb gen2 lot of parts(forks-wheel-tacho,headlight,exhaust ,radiators ....)

    Hi,after an accident i had with a v-max gen2 '09 i am looking for a lot of parts to get her back to life. 1.Front forks. 2.front wheel. 3.Front fender. 4.Both radiators with guards. 5.Header exhaust. 6.Headlight. 7.Rpm tacho. 8.subframe. Please let me know if you have any of the above.Thanks
  10. S

    Which wires on stock headlight are hi/lo/ground?

    Can someone verify black wire is ground, green is low beam, yellow is high beam?
  11. vmaxed1989

    Vmax 1200 LED headlight

    Hi anyone done a day maker install on the max? I have an led bulb with cambus fitted but would like to go the whole way Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Vmax54

    HID Headlight

    I am considering switching to a HID headlight. Which kit seems to work best. DDM says they only have a low beam setup. Haven't checked with anyone else yet. This will go in a 2016 Vmax. Thanks.
  13. GMax97

    Headlight and instrument panel out

    Headlight and instrument panel out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. C


    HI I have a 2004 max and would like to change the headlight to a 7 inch round to fit a small fairing I have has anyone done this conversion if so What is needed and where can I get the parts
  15. V

    Fuse for the headlight (15amp) blows

    Hi Please help me, I just bought this bike last week (1996 V-Max) and apparently the fuse for the headlight blows all the time. Initially there was a 10 amp fuse in the box, but I found out it should be 15 amp, anyways it still blows. The Bike has modified signal lights and headlights. I...
  16. 912er

    LED Headlight

    Just swapped the headlight out for LED’s. I chose the GENSSI 5 3/4 Inch Round Projector LED Headlight DOT 80 Watt, link below. This light got good reviews and in anticipation of having to fab up a way to mount it the flat back panel on the light held on with four screws looked like an...
  17. oz1961

    Headlight adjustment

    I finally fitted and connected my LED headlight I am wondering if anyone knows the correct headlight adjustment height? Procedure? Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. TacNom

    headlight burning out

    I have an 89 Vmax that has burnt out two headlight bulbs in two days. I put the new one in drove to the end of my drive and it burnt out. Turn around park the bike and check my fuses they are all good (10a). the only thing that has changed recently was a new battery about two weeks ago. Any ideas?
  19. V

    Headlight and turning signal issues

    Hello, I have a '94 Vmax and for some reason my headlight goes on and off as well as my right front turn signal stays on solid constantly when the bike is running. However when I use the turn signal it blinks along with the other three signals like it should but then goes back to a solid light...
  20. rzwanink

    Clear glass headlight

    Hi guys, Does anybody have any clue if there is such a thing? A clear piece of glass for the original headlight?