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  1. cgswss

    Hearing noises...

    I just mounted a windshield on my bike. Of course, I'm hearing things I didn't before. The one I wondering about seems to be coming from the right side of the engine. the noise is a wine that goes up with RPM. I hear it when I go up thru the gears under low load. When I pull in the clutch...
  2. 1

    new 1260 bore and hearing a humming noise?????

    so i have just over 1000 miles on my new motor. the 1260 it bad ass. but i am starting to hear a humming sound. at first i thought it could be the differential so i changed the fluid. i wasnt then i noticed it sounds like it goes with the rpms of the bike. im thinking a crank bearing.(hopping...
  3. E

    Wouldnt mind see or Hearing!

    More about the 09's from those who have gotten them. Post and run? you guys are nothing but post teasers. I have never owned a gen 1 so I dont have much to discuss in that department but sure would love to see and hear more chit chat about the 09s who have made delivery. Things like the feel...
  4. firefly

    save your hearing if you use beany helmets

    I've been using these ear muffs for the past 3 years, I am using a beanie half helmet ( brain bucket ) helmet , I know what some would feel about using this kind of helmet vs the full face helmet. I use it because I put on and remove the helmet ~ 15 times from 8:00 to 5:00 so to me using the...