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  1. M

    Clutch lever has no hydraulic pressure

    Hi, everybody! My 86 has 70k on it. About 10k ago, I installed a new clutch for no particular reason other than I didn't know if it had ever been done. I haven't had a problem at all. The bike has sat since last September. A month ago, I started it up and let it get warm. I went to put it...
  2. Fire-medic

    replace your copper hydraulic washers

    I tried to re-use my copper hydraulic fitting washers when I recently replaced a o.e.m. rubber hydraulic clutch hose on my 1987 FZR1000 (the system is essentially the same as a VMax's) with a custom-made stainless steel/teflon hose. I bled it using the oft-mentioned method of reverse-feed...
  3. ninjaneer

    Hydraulic line shortening?

    So last year I upgraded my lines to SS. The slack in the clutch line and in the line from the master brake cylinder to the splitter wasn't too disconcerting back then, but now the slack is annoyingly unsightly. So I'm thinking of shortening them. Don't worry I'll leave some play, but right...
  4. M

    Hydraulic bleeding tools, which do you use?

    I am looking at purchasing a hydraulic bleeding tool. A Mighty Vac or Motion Pro has one. What do you use instead of one of these units? Anyone ever use one of these? Do they work well? Any other suggestions?
  5. carbonvmax

    Dirty hydraulic fluid

    My clutch wasn't disengaging so I went to add fluid. It was rusty or muddy looking. Would a drain and fluid replacement be appropriate? Is dot 3 brake fluid what I want to use or is there something better? Is a chiltons manual decent? Anybody have a link to a better manual? thanks!