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  1. J

    I would like to introduce everyone to Veronica :)

    Hello all, i've been ghosting around on the forums for a while now as I shopped, and finally picked up a 2003 VMAX with 23k miles. Only mods that I know of are Supertrapp's, and crash bars. Here are some pics! The last one is the result of the first hard launch I tried to perform...I think I...
  2. Y

    Just wanted to introduce myself if I may, (Tons of questions inside)

    Hello Guys/Gals, I'm new on here and just wanted to ask some simple questions about one of the baddest motorcycles on the planet: The Yamaha Vmax. I never had a street bike before and until now, with the high price of gas that it is I'm really considering on buying a street bike. I always rode...
  3. S

    yamaha countown to introduce its new scooter

    the countown could be to introduce a new cruiser scooter. a gas savings high performance scooter. :biglaugh:
  4. Angel of Death

    I guess I'll take this opportunity to introduce myself

    Hello all, my name is Erik and I've been a fan of the Vmax for as long as I've been into bikes. I just bought my first off ebay for $3500 last month, a '92. Since I'm still stationed in Bolivia till December I had my father drive down rom MA to RI to pick it up. Terrible picture below. Since...
  5. S

    Are you a new member? Come here and say hi!

    Howdy Boys, new guy here. Most call me scratch on the internet. I am going to need some help, so I thought I would introduce myself and hopefully make some friends. I am very surprised at the lack of on-line resources on the max, given the amount of time it has been in production. Anyway...