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  1. H

    Jardine slip ons

    had these Jardine slip on's for a while now and never used them. They look really good and are just slightly used. Quick and easy winter modification for a stock vmax. $320.00 plus shipping.
  2. timscues


    FS; I have a pair of Jardine Slip On Mufflers for a 85-97, They are Aluminum cans with stainless ends. The right side muffler has a dent that is not visable on the inside and there is a dent and scrape on the outer rear edge of the right muffler. They Retailed for $459 new. Selling for $125...
  3. S

    Jardine slip-ons

    Does anybody have any Jardine slip-ons on there vmax? If so how do yhey look and how do they sound? Can't find any sound clips on them.
  4. G

    JARDINE Exhaust whit Stage 1 KIT

    I am New from Denmark and i hope some can help Me, i have buy a new exhaust from USA Jardine and i buy also a Dynojet Stage 1 for my bike. Can someone help me whit the jetting, they are saying that i have to needles on groove 3 and using main jet 170 but i dont now if the Jardine is a medium or...
  5. Mitchell

    Jardine vs Supertrapps

    Been looking at changing out my stock exhaust. But really don't want to spend over 4-$500 to receive more sound and performance. So far I think I've narrowed it down to either the Jardine 16 series or Supertrapps. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of either of these slip-on systems. :hmmm...
  6. diggerzmound

    Jardine exhaust sound file

    100_3135.mov - 2.69MB If you have never heard them..
  7. diggerzmound

    Jardine Pipes Spout..

    Has anyone taken the plain flat end cap out of the end of the Jardine pipes and put a downspout on them? I think these pipes would look a world better if I could get turn down end caps. If anyone has a pipe with this kind of turn down, please measure the inside diameter. I would like to...