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  1. cyclehoarder

    Kentucky Kick Down Vintage/Custom Bike Show Louisville

    This weekend the 15th, 16th, and 17th!! Bring you bad ass Vmax on down.
  2. L

    Kick Stand Kill Switch Plug

    Hi All, i just realized that the PO has removed the kick stand kill switch. The bike is able to be put in gear even when the side kick stand is down. I just bought a used switch from eBay and wondering where is the plug that I should plug the new switch into? Can somebody please show me a...
  3. 9

    kick back on startup

    Has anyone had their max kick back when trying to start up?? Mine has done this cold and hot and when it does it it sounds like its going to break the engine in half.. It acts like the timing is to advanced but I don't see how that could be possible. Flywheel key is good.. is there anything...
  4. midnightvmax

    Kick stand engine kill switch

    I just found out today that if your kickstand is out the engine will die if put in to gear. I'm sure most of you know this but I didn't and couldn't figure it out until I was going to park it and call the wife for a ride so I could get my trailer. Anyway, if you didn't know now you do.
  5. C

    At What Temperature does the Fan Kick in ?

    I've had a 1998 Vmax for the past 5 months, now it started to drip coolant from the drain valve. Cool no problem. Removed the valve and replaced the O-ring seal. No more dripping. Didn't open all plugs when doing the valve removal so probably all the radiator coolant was gone only. I...
  6. davidon

    Someone kick me

    The company I left a few years ago had it's stock down to 50 cents 4 months ago and i knew this was a good buy but for some idiotic reason i did'nt buy it. Today it closed at 14.64 :bang head: 5 grand investment then would have been about 146 grand today!!:bang head::bang head::bang head: I...
  7. vmaxinID

    Anybody kick ass @ math?

    Ok, Regarding my last post. How much height will I drop measured from the lower front of the frame with a 36 degree "rake"? The bike is currently stock height. Stock caster angle is 29 degrees. ________ XS650
  8. firefly

    Kick stand shortening danger

    I heard that when doing any welding (electrical) grounding the welder to the bike's frame can damage electrical components of the bike:a014: , I don't know if this is true or not and what kind of damage does it do. If anyone has more information about that subject please post it. Thanks
  9. mikemax04

    Kick Stand Mod.

    Shortened stand and relocation of the upper pivot point of the spring. Since I bought the bike new 2 years ago, when I push it around and the side stand scrapes the floor a bit, it flips up without noticing it sometimes. Never had a bike that did this and would hate to drop it not realizing...