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  1. rusty

    100th Harley Davidson Miller Lite 3D photo Cardboard Standup Sign

    I just had to share this. It was standing in my local Wallmart.I asked the manager what they do with these things when their done with them. He said were done with it, you can have it.So I thanked him & walked out with it. I think it was a promo thing to win a Harley. Ive never seen a 3D two...
  2. 5

    Dummy idiot lite useage?

    Does anyone know of a kit available to use the dummy idiot lite in the guage pod? I have an adjustable vboost controller that has a wire with a lite that comes on when the vboost is on.I would like to wire it into the dummy blank idiot lite hole.
  3. S

    Oil level lite comes on

    On hard exel 1st and 2nd oil level lite comes on. Do you run the level at the top mark to keep this from happening?
  4. odieoh24

    raptor shift lite install

    i just purchased a second hand raptor shift lite for a decent price, but am having a little difficulty with the install. i pulled the directions off their website and am clear on everything except the step asking for an in-line fuse to be placed on the red wire (step 9) the lite i got did not...
  5. Rusty McNeil

    Tail lite relocation