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  1. Kronx

    Very cool National Anthem rendition

    Hockey games are the best.
  2. M

    First lady texting during National Anthem - correction, not First Lady

    Well, I'm embarrassed. Someone sent this to me, saying it was the first lady. I should have checked it out.
  3. johnblaid

    Nomination for The National Fish

    I got a Beta fish some time back and have been reading about them and I have decided that they should be the National Fish. Betas recognize the enemy at once. They attack it and fight to the death. They do not go on fox news and bitch about it. They do not hold press conferences about the...
  4. lawman504

    National Police Week

    In 1962 President Kennedy proclaimed May 15th of every year to be National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the entire week that day falls in to be National Police Week. National Police Week pays special recognition to those who have lost thier lives in the line of duty for the safety and...
  5. dannymax

    National Pi Day

    Really....Pi day? I never heard of this before....PIE day maybe....:ummm:
  6. S

    6/20/2011 - National ride to work day ends badly

    I guess this is what you call irony. A day designed specifically to raise motorcycle awareness; Starts like this. Ends like this. Rear ended less than 1/4 mile from home at 8pm after a 12 hour day in the office. ---------------- I was stopped at a light behind a line of cars. All of the...
  7. S

    National Security

    Got this in the mailbox today. I've gotten it before. Kinda true.:gun shoot:
  8. S

    National cyle Wind Screen Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone is using this Windscreen , and maybee can post a picture of it on the max. I have an 06 with black drag bars, motorcycle mods tail lights, yamaha engine guards, mini blinker kit. I...
  9. outlaws justice

    Suzuki AMA National Enduro

    Anyone on the list in the Northeast also ride off-road? I willbe going over to Louden on June 10th to ride the AMA event there with a couple friends. Just looking to see if Anyone else will be around to ride as well. Should be a good time. I will be riding a 2004 Honda CRF250X, all I have left...