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  1. Falaholic

    Reefapalooza - South Florida to Orlando ride

    Reefapalooza is this weekend. Wanted to see if any South Fla riders would be interested in a ride up and back the same day. http://www.reefapaloozashow.net/orlando/
  2. Fire-medic

    Terror in Orlando FL mass-casualty incident

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3637414/Everyone-running-Gunman-bursts-gay-nightclub-Florida-shoots-20-people-taking-hostages.html A single gunman killed at least 20 people at a nightclub in Orlando FL, according to preliminary reports. Check your local news outlets for further...
  3. T

    Paint work in Orlando area

    If anyone in the greater Orlando area is looking for some paint work on their bike (or anything for that matter), I have a friend who does excellent work and is priced right. If you saw the pictures i posted of my Super Magna restore, the paint work was done by him. If you are in the area and...
  4. wildweasel_pt

    Orlando maxxers

    Hi guys Im heading to Orlando on "business" and im gonna be there on the 8th evening to 9th. I'd like to meet with a couple of fine vmax gentlemen or ladies overthere. I don't know the surroundings and if i could meet some of you guys would be great... Better than going sightseeing japanese...
  5. 82ndCowboy

    Halloween Horror Nights - Orlando, FL

    Anyone up for getting a group together and going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios on OCT 30th?
  6. 82ndCowboy

    Thursday Nights, Orlando FL

    Anyone up for Jonny's Filling Station on Thursday Nights??? It's in Downtown Orlando. I'm planning on going if the nightly rains aren't too bad.
  7. 82ndCowboy

    2008 Orlando Bike Bash. April 27th

    2008 Orlando Bike Bash. April 27th I know the UFO Drag day is the big event everyone is talking about. But I thought I'd share this for the southern crowd! I just got a post card in the mail yesterday from Orlando Speed World. If any one in the Florida area is interested. 2008 Bike Bash All...
  8. 82ndCowboy

    Orlando FL area ?

    Isn't there any Vmax riders in the Orlando Area that want to go to Johnny Rottens on Thursday night?
  9. 82ndCowboy

    Orlando Speedway

    A couple of people are going to Run thier VMax's down the 1/4 mile at Orlando Speedway. Friday @ 6pm 1/19/07 If anyone is interested in going? Here's a link: http://www.speedwor lddragway. com/schedule/