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  1. W

    Check your mfg date oval

    Word of caution to anyone who buys tires at online discount sites, or from private mechanics who install them. Always check the manufacturing date stamp in the little oval on the sidewall to make sure that the tires you bought are freshly made and not NOS. The gentleman I bought my '99 from in...
  2. firefly

    DDM tuning oval 24watt LEDs

    I received the oval 8 high power LED, they say they emit 1700 lumen each housing, I really didn't believe it BUT they are really that powerful & very noticeable, the other day I saw a truck with the same lights in the daytime from more than half a mile, it stuck out from all other headlights...
  3. rarick123

    Oval o-ring on Morely's HD Oiler

    OK, I'm at a loss as to where this oval O-ring goes when installing the HD Oiler cure. Can someone give me a picture or a part number for the "elbow assembly" that it goes on?
  4. S

    Dual Oval Headlight???

    Hey everyone, I was doin some web surfing and came across a Vmax that had a Dual OVAL headlight set-up...it wasn't side by side..it was over/under type of thing.. each headlight was oval ...but not exactly oval...more like Oval to start off with but got squished or something..LOL I know it...
  5. L

    HMF Oval

    Does anyone have the HMF exhaust with Oval cans? If so can you send a picture or 3? I am probably going to get an HMF exhaust but I wanted to see an Oval system on a Max first. Thanks!