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  1. G

    Vmax front wheel conversion using R1/R6 wheel

    I have heard that the R1/R6 wheel will fit on the front forks of my 1985 Vmax. Is this a reasonable conversion and what is involved? Thanks in advance for your response! Guy
  2. jon6.0

    What year R1/R6 brakes and rotors?

    I am going to get the adapters and was wondering: What year R1 or R6 calipers do I need? Can I use 2003 R1 rotors on a 85 Max? If not which used rotors can I get besides the newer model stock V-Max rotors?
  3. D

    Are R1/R6 caliphers better that stock?

    I just bought a set of '03 R6 calipers and while I was searching the web for any installation issues to watch out for, I came across a couple of people who said that the upgrade was cosmetic and not a performance jump. I know a lot of people have done this so what's the verdict? I'm putting them...
  4. I

    Fitting R1/R6 front wheel (or other OEM variety)

    Hello, This is my first post here! When I first bought the Vmax, I couldn't find any forums. I'm happy to see there is one around.. I want to fit a R1/R6 front wheel to my 2004 Vmax. Can anyone tell me what is needed? Reason being I recently purchased a black 3 spoke rear wheel...