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  1. DakRatFink

    Anyone else into RC cars?

    So, as a kid in the late 80s I used to race RC with my dad. 1/10 scale 4wd off-road and 1/12 indoor carpet oval. Well. I year ago I got the idea to get back into the hobby after a 25+ year absence. I'm wondering if anyone else on the forum also likes playing with toys that aren't big enough to...
  2. U

    Did someone see a VMAX with RC WIDOW rims?

    Hello friends I thinking to change my stock rims I saw the RC COMPONANTS site and I just loved the “widow” style :punk: I crises crossed all the NET and did not find any photo of vmax with it :bang head: A photo on a vmax can help me a lot Any ideas?:ummm:
  3. Traumahawk

    RC 18 inch rear wheel

    I just bought an 18 inch RC rear wheel from Sean. Along with the wheel, and the cush bushings, there is a needle bearing, a "hollow" tube, and 2 seals. One seal was already installed on the right side of the wheel. So I'm assuming that everything will will be placed into the left side of the...
  4. R

    RC Component Gladiator

    Alright, I'm probably the newest member to the site and have caught the "mod monkey". I've been looking for a set of nice rims for my 90' vmax and came across a pair of Rc component Gladiators. The guy has them on a kaw zx14 right now. I am wondering if there is a way to convert them from chain...
  5. D

    RC Imposters

    hey what would I expect to pay for a set of chromed RC Components Imposters in good condition? They are 17"
  6. maxcruiser

    RC wheels on Ebay

    This looks like a good deal if anybody is interested...
  7. vmaxinID

    opinion on RC component wheels.

    Can I have some feedback on the quality, weight, offset problems, etc. Of RC component wheels. Thanks
  8. Rusty McNeil

    RC Components Wheels

    I accidentally ran across another vendor for RC Components wheels that seems to have prices competitive or maybe better than the Vmax specific vendors we all know about........ http://www.backyardperformance.com/index.shtml $850 for a 17" rear wheel.....