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  1. M

    Pulsating rear break

    Last 2-3 months, rear break started pulsating. Break pads are totally gone now. I’ve disassembled the whole wheel for power coating it a while before, but cannot precise if the pulsating started short after that, Any suggestions on how to start looking for the reason as I will change...
  2. C

    Gsxr Rear wheel

    Has anyone done this conversion ? I got the wheel, disc and carrier but the GSXR caliper is underslung - I'd prefer to keep the the Vmax rear brake set up. Does anyone know what rear disc will fit the the GSXR wheel but have the same diameter of the Vmax disc Tim
  3. ImCannibal

    Stock '93 rear wheel

    Bone stock '93 rear wheel, has a half worn tire on it. I don't need it anymore due to selling my max. Whoever wants it, its yours, just pay for the shipping and packaging. Pictures in the attachments.
  4. A

    17" rear wheel??

    I have seen gen 1 vmax bikes with a 17 inch wheel, and I want to do this to mine. Who can help me find someone who can modify the wheel to acxept the shaft drive
  5. K

    WTB 12" rear shock, preferably in black

    PM please
  6. cbanker

    !8" gen 1 rear wheel

    I am looking for an 18 in rear wheel for my 2005. Priced reasonable or if I can get help getting my spare modified. I can't afford carrozera's and really want to get on radials. Text or email me. I hate that I missed the one sold in June..... Clay 214 403 0107
  7. L

    Rear Exhaust Covers - With Kerker

    I am working on a new to me 85 vmax, It has a Kerker full exhaust system and the pipes are a bit rusty where they attach. I just noticed that there is an OEM cover that normally covers this section, question is: do these still work with aftermarket exhaust? I am trying to determine if I...
  8. R

    Looking for a Gen 2 240mm rear wheel and kit

    If someone has a Gen 2- 240mm rear Wheel and bearing kit for sale please contact me, thanks
  9. R

    240mm rear wheel

    Looking to buy a 240mm rear wheel and kit, contact me if you have one for sale, thanks
  10. R

    Widest rear tire without modifications

    Hello, My first forum! I have a 1985 Yamaha Vmax 1200 and want to know what is the widest I can go with out making any modifications. Thanks Rick
  11. Trondyne

    Rear Wheel Access/Removal

    Hey guys, I need to change the rear tire... This bike has a non stock exhaust (Cobra 4-4) and a non stock wheel... Myself and a couple of friends tried to find a way to get the rear wheel off the ground, but without a center stand we've had no luck so far... Anyone have experience doing...
  12. CaptainKyle

    max daddy rear wheel -SOLD-

    Max daddy 18 inch wheel and rotor tire is junk and will be removed so no tire. It is in super nice shape ! It is not mine it belongs to a friend who does not use fb or the forums. $ 700 plus shipping. If you are serious you can contact him by email. [email protected]
  13. Bill Seward

    Rear foot pegs for an '85.

    I seem to remember I had offered these to someone a few years ago, but couldn't find them. Well, I did. They're a bit worn, the chrome end looks good, and they're only the pegs, and the square shaft that runs down the middle with the pivot hole in it. If you got a bad one, this could work...
  14. K

    Stock "chrome" rear shocks

    $35 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. A

    Rear grab bar

    Does anyone have a rear grab bar? My bike came with the factory back rest which I want to keep but when I'm not riding with my wife I want to swap out to the factory grab bar. Paint condition does not matter because I will powder coat it. PM me if you have one for a good price. Thanks
  16. g2501

    rear master cylinder upgrade

    Being an inexperienced rider I made a huge mess with my rear master cylinder. Long story short : I've decided to make some maintenance to the rear master cylinder and ordered the kit. Swapped all the internal parts with the new one and mount it back on the bike. as soon as I tried to pump...
  17. M

    Rear rim

    Looking for one of Jon's rear rims, 17" or 18" (18" preferred) to fit a Gen1 Max. Nothing bent. Tips or leads appreciated.
  18. C

    1986 Rear fender cover

    Looking to find a nice "Rear Fender Cover" Yamaha part number 1FK-2163A-00-00 Mine is Badly corroded / scratched and I'd like to find a NICE one. I am aware they are available still from Yamaha but find it a bit pricey for such a small item Can someone who has a "parts bike" perhaps help...
  19. D

    Rear spring rate

    So I'm thinking about a major mod and am wondering if anyone knows the spring rate for the rear shocks. This is heading for a girder fork project (which may or may not actually happen, of course), but I want to use something for mockup that I could then upgrade for the final product. There are a...
  20. Trondyne

    Rear Offset

    I understand that the rear wheel is supposed to be offset.... I have hear amounts like 1cm? On my new '93 the offset appears to be rather large...although I have not measured it yet... The wear on the rear appears to be clearly way off to the side... The wheels on the bike are 18's and...