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  1. dtoebaert-5311

    facebook reminder...

    ...of a less than perfect idea I had some six years ago...:rofl_200:
  2. CaptainKyle

    Ouch gentle reminder

    I read this article & it makes me think. I am guilty of not always wearing the right gear.
  3. CaptainKyle

    Reminder watch out for butt heads.

    Ok this is what dave was refering to in the trackside section. All 4 of us were riding in a pack on the way to the strip & some asshole in a Silver Mercedes SUV cuts strait in the middle of the pack & almost runs over Joe thats just the start. We get farther down the road the same asshole hooks...
  4. 82ndCowboy

    Reminder for VMax get together Plant City, FL

    Just wanted to remind every one Next Saturday June 6th. Plant City, FL Bike Fests Historic Downtown Plant City 1st Saturday of Every Month Next Date: Saturday - June 6th - 5-9pm VMAX Riders Monthly Get Together Meet Up at The Waffle House at 4pm - Exit 33 off I-4 4210...
  5. U

    Another Reminder to Stay Alert...

    As if dodging the clueless cagers wasn't enough...
  6. firefly

    Just a reminder to ride safe!!! very disturbing

    We all talk about how fast max is and how fast we can ride until we see something like this then we get numb and scared. Its not how fast you can ride its more like how long will you continue riding and enjoying motorcycling & open air freedom. accidents do happen BUT the higher the speed the...
  7. V

    Reminder: July 19, 2006 Ride to Work Day

    This Wednesday is the 15th annual ride your bike to work day to raise awareness blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I'll be riding mine to work like always if there's not a hurricane or a nuclear strike. More info at...