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  1. SharpMan

    No Power at High RPM

    Whats going on y'all. My VMax has been acting a little strange. It rides fine, but suddenly when I get around 6 or 7k RPM, the engine freely revs to redline without any power going to the wheel. When I roll off the throttle within that rev range, it FEELS like the bike wants to accelerate, and...
  2. T

    89 max breaking up on top of revs

    I have a 89 vmax with stage 7 kit when I gouged on it tonite it acted like it was breaking up on top I just had the carbs synced and new plugs and rectifier put in this year in may any help would be appreciated thanks guys
  3. J

    higher revs = lower volts?

    Soldered the crimp because I was at 12.3 volts at idle and not much better at 2500 rpm. After the fix, I am getting mid 13s at idle. Goes up to 14.6 at around 2200, then starts dropping steadily back to about 13v at 5k rpms. Is this right? The bike has a finned black rr, but it is a 4 wire shunt...
  4. frank5079

    Blonde revs a Harley If a Harley can do this to her, wonder how she'd react to the awesome power of a V-Max??
  5. T

    Stutter problem on low revs

    Hi from Norway! My completely stock '99 1200 145hp V-max has developed a stutter,especially when warm. I cant feel this when the engine is cold. When I cruise on low revs the engine stutters and makes it very uncomfortable to ride. When I run on high revolutions I can't notice the problem. When...
  6. naughtyG

    No spark on #1 at low revs

    I'm experiencing no spark on cylinder #1 at low revs on my '86 - on idle that cylinder stays cold, when riding I can hear and feel it kick in at around 4500-5000rpm. :ummm: I have thrown new plugs in, and I have replaced the coil. I've measured tension on the coil connector and both wires show...
  7. A

    1998 vmax revs up ok but takes a while going back to idle

    iv just got a vmax 1998 model, and it revs up ok but seems to take a while to go back to idle when you shut the throttle the throttle cables are fine no sticking any ideas what this could be , the bike runs excellent otherwise thanks in advance
  8. R

    Crunching gears when shifting with high revs

    Hi, When riding my `85 Vmax hard, I sometimes hear a grinding sound when shifting (mostly to 2 and 3 i think). When just cruising, there are no problems. Finding neutral is no problems, shifting down isn't either. I also seem to have this problem when shifting from neutral while going 30mph, I...
  9. F

    Rear Diff Swap for Lower Revs?

    I just picked up my 2000 VMax today. I've ridden them before and decided that I wanted one, after having had a Bandit 1200 previously and a KZ700 before that. This particular VMax is carbon fiber in color, with a SportMax seat and handlebars. The thing is extremely comfortable to ride like this...