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  1. davidon

    Chrome socket cap plugs

    Anyone know if Depot or Lowes has these?
  2. timscues

    Big allen head socket?

    Anyone know what size allen head socket is needed for a early gen 1 fork for the top bolt under the cover? 16mm or a 17mm? thanks
  3. gamorg02

    Oil Filter Wrench Socket?

    Hello All. My new max has the spin on type instead of me being used to my '94 cartridge and I was looking to get a wrench for it so I can get the ft*lb precise instead of with a strap wrench. Anyone have any recommendations? I'll be running yamaha oil filters most likely and I saw this...
  4. Black98Vmax

    Melted Headlamp Socket

    Hey- I am having trouble with the plastic surrounding the Headlamp bulb. It is getting HOT :angry flame devil: , and actually melting! I do have a "XENON" type bulb but not a true full-blown xenon system. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did you resolve it? The ground is...