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  1. 9

    Thermo Unit how-to?

    Hi Guys- noo-b here and looking for some help. I have a 96 where the previous owner had installed a Koso gauge set which included a digital temp sensor. Long story but the tach (the whole reason you change this) never worked correctly, jumped all over the place so I decided to put everything...
  2. firefly

    Why aftermarket thermo switches are not recommended.

    Take a look at the difference between stock & after market switches, the aftermarket ones don't reach the flow of coolant so they have a pocket of none circulating hot coolant & keep the fan on almost all the time straining the charging system, A manual switch is the better alternative, I had...
  3. A

    Thermo switch

    Hey, Guys I'm looking for your thoughts of removing the thermo switch and completing the circuit with wire and some connectors. That is what I have done because my bike overheated Sunday. It seems to work great with the fan running from the starting of the bike, but I am wondering what the bad...
  4. firefly

    Thermo switches to solve overheating

    Here are some part # for the thermal switch that turns the fan on a little earlier than stock: 1- BORG-WARNER TFS-545, 2-WELLS-SW537 ,3-Nissan sentra 1988 I am using the Nissan one but it is $65 from the dealer Vs the others I heard are ~$20.00 from any auto store, you can just ask for the...