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  1. S

    Titanium 4-2-1 for Vmax

    Ok..just putting it out there for expression of interest. My 4-2-1 Titanium race exhaust for the max. Nearest I've found is an XJR1300 one new for $2500 US Mine is as new, discontinued. I'd be looking for around $1500 or do a deal on a 4-2 stainless voodoo/marks as px. I'm looking into...
  2. jedi-

    Titanium footpegs

    Made a set of these today which fit into the oem bracket so the spring and pin can still be used. The Titanium is really light and wont corrode.
  3. sarchin

    billeted titanium 2nd gear???

    There's an '85 Vmax on Ebay that the owner says 2nd gear has been replaced with the "billeted titanium equivalent." Anyone ever hear of these titanium gears? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1985-V-MAX-All-Original-Yamaha-VMAX-/320915447596?pt=US_motorcycles&hash=item4ab80d1f2c


    Hey anybody have a good source for titanium sheet/bar stock?
  5. shawn kloker

    titanium bolts

    How many of you have ever held a titanium bolt in your hand?I did last night at Rod's shop.It blew my mind,I never knew just how light they really are.It felt lighter than aluminum to me.He had boxes and boxes full of them.