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  1. speedcostsmoney

    off set triple trees

    looking some triple trees for yamaha usd forks
  2. P

    help! How do you remove the blank bolt with no grooves at upper triple trees.

    Hi, I was just about to tear down my forks but then i saw this: How am I supposed to remove this kind of bolt? The service manual shows a regular allen bolt...
  3. ninjaneer

    busy trimming trees and making donuts

    :rofl_200: hehehe among other things to say the least. needless to say the job's been overly demanding with bouts of weekend and late night/early morning activity. :surf: :th_whip: also the wife and i are spending what few hours of free-time prepping the house for market (years of...
  4. medicineman843

    05 Gsxr 750 Front end + COO Triple Trees

    Trying to make sure that this set up is everything i need before i spend the coin for this amazing mod. I want it to feel and ride like a sport bike. But still able to sit up right like a cruiser...
  5. B

    sliding fork tubes in trees?

    Does it effect handling for better or worse sliding forks up 1-1.5 inches, want to lower, also looking at 11 inch shocks, in the near future ill be changing to 17/200 rear tire, will that work with lower rear shocks Thanks Eric
  6. lankeeyankee

    Raked Triple Trees

    I remember seeing a VMAX with a raked front end also someone made new triple trees with a rake in different degrees. Does anyone know of a resource of a triple tree raked a few degrees, nothing radical like a chopper but a little more rake I think would add to the stabilty at high speeds.
  7. Waylander

    Lowering the trees on the forks?

    After my ride on sunday I realized how slugish the Vmax's steering is for tight and close corners. Takes a bit of effort and more time than it should to swap from a right hand to a left hand corner, like s-curves. I remember someone with his own site (dustmax I think) who had lowerd the trees...