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  1. Eugene Brad

    Useful trick

    Just came across this thought it could be a good fix for random breakage. I know I will try it. I'm curiouse how well it will sand smooth and paint. It could be a quick alternative to Bondo patches I often to do on metal door frames. The title is a bit misleading.
  2. SpecOps13

    Coin Trick That Works

    why you should always put a coin in the freezer before you leave home. Have you ever come home from vacation, business trip or maybe a weekend away with the family - and noticed your digital clocks flashing the wrong time? You quickly realize that you had a power outage while you were away...
  3. Miles Long

    Eye trick!

    A masterpiece!
  4. V-Four

    Gettin Grips Off? Is there a trick?

    These friggin things will NOT budge, But in a bad way..I'm tryin to put on some standard (and smaller) Superbike grips(always use them). I've changed grips on other Bikes , but these ones are killin me. Is there a way to take them off without destroyin them? (if I have to I will, but they're...
  5. T

    Trick for reinstalling hose onto rear of airbox?

    Do you guys have any tips for installing the hose that connects to the rear underside of the airbox? It's a pain to try to wife my fingers far up enough between the carbs to push up on the hose so it slides onto the airbox. Even pulling up on the hose, it oy stretches maybe 2" above the...
  6. fullhouse

    Pazzo or some sort of trick lever?

    Hi all, Does any1 know if any after market levers will fit a 93 max?
  7. M

    Trick VMax ........

    .......not sure on the price though :ummm:
  8. Robbarrie

    What's the trick with clear coat ???

    Hey guys, I polished some parts which look pretty good, however when I sprayed with clear coat which is recommended - it now looks like shit. All spotty and now I'm totally pissed off. :damn angry: What's the key or trick to spraying clear coat ??? Will the spots buff out after it's dry ...
  9. vmx12s

    Magic Trick ***NWS***

    Definetly not safe for work!!