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  1. Fire-medic

    1982 Yamaha XJ650LJ Turbo - $500 (Dania FL)

    Not mine, no one I know. condition: salvage make / manufacturer: Yamaha model name / number: XJ650LJ This is a 1982 Yamaha XJ650 Turbo. It is being sold for parts only. No title. This is a good deal for someone that is restoring one. Or wants to start off with something to start...
  2. Fire-medic

    Ford inline 6 turbo, outpowers a Hellcat

    ya just have to watch: https://www.streetmachine.com.au/street-machine-tv/1506/ultimate-sleeper-1000plushp-eb-falcon Something fun to drive around and risk your license in, better keep it performing at the track.
  3. Fire-medic

    Twin turbo Ford GT hits 216 mph

    Seems like a true supercar. Bring $400,000 and your chances of buying one are roughly 1:24 because of limited production. 3000 lbs. & 647 HP/555 ft. lb torque. http://www.mlive.com/news/detroit/index.ssf/2017/01/ford_gt_hits_production_vehicl.html#incart_river_index
  4. Fire-medic

    article on Kawasaki Z1R ATP kit factory turbo

    A 'blast from the past,' the Kawasaki Z1R with the ATP (American Turbo Pak) factory bolt-on kit, making the VMax RWHP if your VMax was done by someone who can tune the Stage 7/Kerker 4-1 setup to get 130 RWHP. http://www.odd-bike.com/2012/12/kawasaki-z1r-tc-psycho-turbo-z.html A great read...
  5. jdeitz1979


    Was wondering if any of you guys know a turbo running vmax Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. H

    Turbo Vmax

    I am done building my daily Vmax and have enough parts left over to build another one. I probably don't have the money right now but for the next Vmax build I'd like to do something different, I've noticed people talking about turbo kits over the years, has anyone actually come out with one?
  7. C

    Turbo Vmax Gen 1

    Jon built some bad ass Vmax's when he was around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R4ZNM5rO0Q
  8. a113ycat

    Low Rent Turbo

    https://youtu.be/ngRdKSh99YU Seems legit until you stop using it....:bang head::ummm:
  9. C

    Turbo or bottle.... turbo or bottle.....

    Man for under $1000.... I don't think you can match dollar per hp with this.... When stock 120 mph wheelies are not enough....
  10. dmax1

    Turbo Rocket

    Supposed to go down and look at this bike. Do not know much about these bikes. Anybody able to give me some information on this bike:ummm: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/mcy/4833718893.html
  11. B

    Anyone make a turbo kit for a gen1 VMAX?

    I have a thing for turbos being I race a twin turbo Pro Mod that goes 5.90@255MPH and I own a 1981 KZ 1300 Turbo, Twin turbo F150 Ecoboost. Anyone make a good kit that's clean and makes good power?
  12. N

    Gen1 Turbo Vmax videos- sick bike

    Have you guys seen this one? Lots of supercharded max vids floating around, but whenever I search for turbo vmax's, it's always the Gen2 bikes that come up.. So I thought I'd post up this one I found- sounds amazing too. Hope it's not a repost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X62PdtiIww&hd=1...
  13. hypermax

    Turbo Yamaha powered Razor

    Yamaha turbo charged Apex snowmobile engine in a Razor. 300hp at 20lbs boost at 2:10 take off with launch control! http://youtu.be/sDzsNrIMEk0
  14. Fire-medic

    turbo on a inline five cyl GMC Canyon

    http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-videos/tuned-turbo-gmc-cayon A standard cab Colorado/Canyon earns some respect from an online tester. The new redesign Colorado/Canyon are now in production. The new V-6 replaces the inline-five cyl, and makes more HP than the 355-series previous geneeration...
  15. C

    Turbo Diavel

    236 hp! http://www.autoevolution.com/news/236-hp-turbo-ducati-diavel-anyone-52256.html
  16. Fire-medic

    BMW turbo triple, 228 HP, 236 ft/lb torque

    Seen the new BMW triple? Fifteen-hundred cc's, sports a big turbo, and it produces 228 HP and 236 ft./lb/ torque! You'd expect it to be in a ZX-14 crushing uber-sports bike, right, Certainly not a touring bike! Well, no, it's in a hybrid car! Yes, that's right, a $100,000 hybrid car. Not a...
  17. 8


    You think it really a matters where you mount a turbo on the exhaust alsong as its after where all 4 pipes collect?:bang head:
  18. P

    How much would it cost to supercharge a vmax?

    Hi, Supercharging seems like cool thing to do to a vmax, so i was wondering how much around how much it would cost to do the whole project assuming you did most of the labour yourself? Is there anything in a supercharging project that would best be left for a professional?
  19. P

    Anybody heard of these Turbo kits for gen1

    Hi, Just though would put this out here if some one's interested :) http://www.holeshot-racing.co.uk/images/pdfs/turbo-charging/tbikeyamvmax85_07.pdf anybody used these?
  20. C

    Turbo bike on the road .... first real ride review.

    I got the oil line on and rode it about 100 miles today. First things.....Its fast..... very fast. I know there is faster stuff out there. But I ve never ridden something like this. I spun the back tire really hard at 140 mph today. It wasn't as scary as the first time it happend at 110...