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  1. Johnc1go

    A short vid to share with your Harley friends.

    For sharing with your Harley friends. Noise and HP are not always related, as in the case of Harley Davidson. Hope this gives you a good laugh.
  2. N

    Finished custom Vmax (pics +vid) plus R1 front fork conversion Q's (All set to swap)

    Hey I just thought I'd drop by and post some pics, she's pretty much all done the way I 'm satisfied with! I did want to ask if anyone has any experiance with R1 parts on Vmax's- I have an 2008 R1, and I was thinking about doing a front fork swap, and maybe the brakes, wheel, hell the whole...
  3. N

    New gen one owner saying hi, (pics and vid of bike) + some Q's - Grinding starter???

    Hey fellas' after many years running sportbikes, some of which I still have, I decided to get my all time dream cruiser which is a first GEN VMAX and boy I am not disappointed! A few years ago I decided to pick up Honda V65 magna which I got for a killer price just 400 bucks ..I promptly...
  4. cgswss

    drag race vid

    I came across this... don't know if others have posted it so here...
  5. rusty

    Vmax racing team-Quick vid I would never try this on a Vmax. I know some of you younger guys would though:punk:
  6. 3

    Engine rebuild vid

    Saw in posts someone mentioned Damon made one. Anyone know how to get in touch with him. I checked Ebay for this found none. Thanks!
  7. V

    This vid will crack u up

    First post, I hope It's right. I call this vid, "Vmax Face" It's not pretty! Make sure to catch the disclaimer @ the end.
  8. EvilD

    quick funny political vid i made pretty cool site, has some bugs but still cool, i made this today to celebrate the wicked witch of the west getting kicked out of office
  9. Jayhawk

    Turbo Busa vid

    On board a 310 hp Busa. Crazy! What an adrenaline pump...
  10. vmaxcruzer

    Twisties vid

    Nice ride through the gap courtesy of Greg Gorman.
  11. F

    need help posting pics and vid.

    I have some new pics and vodeo of the Gen2 max in N.C. but I cant figure out how to post them.
  12. M

    cool car vs bike vid.