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  1. mattness

    writing a paper, name 3 ways motorcycles are safer today than 40 years ago

    as the title says, im writing an argument paper on helmet laws. i have to see the argument from both sides. our grandparents didnt wear helmets, but their bikes made half or less of the ho our bikes make today. so what are a few ways our bikes are safer today? stronger frames, ABS, disc...
  2. 4gasem

    ?hlins and Yamaha split ways...

    Well kinda... ?hlins No Longer Controlled By Yamaha By Dirck Edge ?hlins has announced that company founder Kenth ?hlin has retaken majority control of the prestiguous suspension specialist from Yamaha. Yamaha has had majority ownership in ?hlins for quite some time, but has permitted the...
  3. Calimus

    Might be parting ways with the Max

    I'm thinking I might be saying farewell to my Vmax. I've really loved the bike for the last 2 years since I've owned it and the power has been very addicting. The problem I'm reaching is that my family likes to go for long distance rides and the Max has some shortcomings in that area. The 3...
  4. Jayhawk

    Top 3 ways to get burned on a used V-Max?

    I'm still looking for that perfect deal on a low-miles used bike. (Why are there so many used bikes for sale in the NE, yet here in the Dallas area..nearly zippo? ;) ) Since I'm a complete noob, how about providing your top 3 things that might be missed by a novice when looking at a Max...