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  1. sarge103

    Wierd battery problem

    Had the weirdest problem yesterday on my 02 vmax I went to start my bike to go to work and it was about 40 degrees out and when I went to start it, it tried to turn over and then died and the click,click,click o f a dead battery followed. So I hopped in my jeep and left for work, I came home...
  2. BOOST

    Wierd carb issues.

    Left side carbs seem to run fine. Had issue of all four cabs not running as a "group". Started with a low rpm stumble, from a stop. During the "Shotgun" process, I found a bad and broken idle mixture screw in carb #3. Replaced it, syncd the carbs and it seemed fixed. Nice buttery smooth take...
  3. V

    brakes-normal or wierd?

    When I changed my front pads, I loosened the reservoir cover to ease pushing calipers back in. When I tightened up the cover, I had no brakes at all(lever puller right to throttle, no pad movement). Then I loosened up the cover again and squeezed the lever and it worked fine. Tightened up the...
  4. S

    wierd driveability concern

    I am thinking this is an electrical issue. Last night on my way home which is about a 15 mile ride, I got about 14.5 miles and turned into my neighborhood and when I went to accelerate after the turn the bike had no power and started backfiring out the exhaust, I pulled over and the bike would...
  5. slowpoke

    wierd high pitched noise?

    last weekend some dumb ass pinned my throttle and locked my throttle lock while it was sitting ( im pretty sure i know who did it but he wont admit it) :bang head: anyway when i started it it immediately reved way high ( probably passed redline) before i hit the kill switch ( he it was delayed...
  6. S

    wierd issue

    I am not sure if this post should be here or in another section but, I am noticing after a hard accel, like after a little stop light to stop light race, the rear end feels loose, almost like the road is slick, but I dont see any leaks and all the obvious items are tight, any ideas? I tried...
  7. bamadailydriver

    wierd squeaking?!

    hey i hear a squeak at low rpms/speed sound like its from under the air cleaner or somewhere up front. i hear it more when im going slow and throttle down some. i dont hear it when i pull in the clutch either. ant ideas?
  8. clintard

    Check out these wierd tires

    Some guy from the yahoo groups sent this in i thought it was pretty wierd http://www.cycletires.com/index2.html
  9. MNFatz

    Exhaust pressure..something wierd.

    I'm still getting used to my bike (97 V-MAX). I've owned quite a few bikes and torn down (and usually put back together) quite a few as well. So I'm out fiddling with my bike. Tightening screws, etc. I started the bike and just for the hell of it I put my hands over the exhaust--Kerker...