2 ign. coils sets: 83 Venture and 05 Ford Focus. $25 each.

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Jun 30, 2021
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Today I went to junk yard, checked resistance (3 ohm and 12 kOm)of coils from 83 Venture, all 4 were perfect, paid $25, including wires.
On my way back home I stopped at another junk yard, they wanted $32 for 4 Focus coils, I only bought connectors.
At home I bought Focus coils new from ebay , $25 shipped.
BTW coils from V-max 1700 would fit 1200, based on ebay pictures, I am not paying $65!!!
Coils will come probably on Wednesday, i have to clean carbs by that time.
I'll post pics of coils installed.
cheapest new coils from ebay are Jeep 4.7 $30 for 8 coils.
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