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    Hot Start

    Re: hot start problem It is a commomn problem with the vmax upgrade the earth cable to a heavy duty one can help resolve th eproblem
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    The OFFICIAL "What I think of the K9 VMax" thread

    Have mixxed feelings about the new vmax I would be alot happier if it broke 200BHP I would be belighted if it was only $18000 here But it does look great
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    Carb settings running rich

    thanks for all the replys :punk:
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    Carb settings running rich

    what should the stock sizes be i think there was alot of changes made to the bike by previous owners and there are califonane carbs on the bike on so will i have to drill out the brass plugs to change the A/F mixture
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    Carb settings running rich

    lads i know this has been asked loads of times before but my 95 max is running rich very rich :bang head: I have a K & N fillter and supertrap slip ons any one know what needle sizes and setting i should be running just to get me some way close
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    R1 master cylinder ???

    i got a set of R1 calipers & master cylinder :punk: my question is how have people mounted the R1 master cylinder resivour :hmmm:
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    R1 calipers ???

    hope to get r1 masters eventualy but dont have the money right now need to sort the front end first and get progressive springs and use heavier oil cheers for the reply :thumbs up:
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    R1 calipers ???

    Have been reading trough the treads but cant find the answer to my question I have just got a set of R1 calipers for the front of my 95 VMAX i know they will blot stright on but will the VMAX standard Master Cylinder work with these calipers :hmmm:
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    Are you a new member? Come here and say hi!

    It is painted in skulls with fangs and tounge studs :punk: :hmmm: cant seem to find any close up pics of the paint work Will have to take some new one durring the week and post them here
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    Are you a new member? Come here and say hi!

    Hello all Ger here from Cork, Ireland. I have a 95 vmax that i bought last september. Love the bike