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    what was your first bike?

    Past 86 650 Maxim 97 tl1000s 01 DRZ 400E, plated w/motard wheels 04 KTM 520 SMR current 08 thumpstar 94 vmax 94 dr350 The TL is still my favorite and wish I hadn't sold it. It was the original and I had the original ecu, not the one offered as a replacement. Ran a little snatchy around...
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    V-Max Rat or road warrior bike?

    Here's a dude in Wisconsin's max "rat" bike.
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    second gear fix kit on ebay

    As long as enough parts are compatible, I hope.
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    second gear fix kit on ebay

    thanks for the heads-up! I now have a project this winter.:eusa_dance:
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    What's it worth thread..

    This may be bad form, at least I know it is in the for sale section. Anyway this is the general discussion section. If this post pisses you off I will nuke it. I've been tossing around the idea of selling my max. I love it, just don't have the cash on hand to make it right, or the time to...
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    Oh Fuck Ya Baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd like to revist this in 2 years. I'm not buying itfor a second. They will be sold out, I have no doubt. If you think 18k is too much for an entirely new bike, I'd say you certainly got ripped off dropping 9500 on a bike that was basically 20 yrs old tech wise.
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    Pictures of Rearends Needed!

    Mine seems pretty centered yet
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    Do you let people ride your 'Max?

    I pretty much let anyone I know can ride a motorcycle drive mine. I get a kick out the huge grin on their face when we swap back. Especially the big Harley cruiser guys. Even the sportbike guys are stoked by this little thing called Torque. Then again my max isn't some pristine showbike...
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    2nd gear problems

    Thanks for the info, I just bought a 93 with this as a known issue. I am planning on waiting till the winter though as it only does it at very specific throttle openings and rpms I can avoid it beign a problem for a few months.
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    OEMDunlopF11Qualifer Front tire $39.95

    Sweet deal, got mine yesterday:eusa_dance:
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    VMax Forum - Can we do this?

    Fuck yeah we can!