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  1. VMaxIslandKai

    Parts For Sale Gen 1 Chrome Pieces For Sale (Post 1 of 4)

    (Posted on FB as well; some of these parts may go to eBay world as well - Starting in our community here and on FB first.) I need to make four separate posts in order to get the pictures on because only 10 pictures can be made per post. Chrome parts for sale: Check them out fellas- off the...
  2. Conman

    Gen1 OEM & Performance Accessories for Sale

    UPDATED... most parts are sold. Prices adjusted on remaining bits. Discounts if you bundle. Prices don't include shipping. Stock Airbox with filter-$50 Misc Carb jets and parts- make offer Thanks, Connor
  3. M

    Yamaha accessories wrong again

    First I ordered both the boulevard and touring shields, the touring was back ordered. Got the boulevard and it would not even come close to fitting. Turns out the brackets were put on backwards side to side... Aggravating considering the cost they charge but I wanted something that would fit...
  4. Redbone

    Deals on Parts and Accessories for your Vmax

    Here is a good sale on tires at Bike Bandit: Shinko 011 Verge NOTE:Tire Tuesday Savings! Save Up To 68% Off Today Only! 2/28/2012
  5. Vmaxer-4-Life

    First Ride Impressions and Accessories

    Hi All, I got the privilege to test ride the 2nd gen yesterday that my Dad is looking to buy, no word to describe it so ill try to make one: wowholyshit! lol It was absolutely incredible! I never thought my Vmax would feel like a toy until I climbed back on after riding the Gen 2. Only problem...
  6. W

    External electrical accessories?

    Hey all, I've been searching around off and on today and haven't been able to find any information on this... I'm looking at an extended road trip on my 2006 max and I'd like to be able to plug in some 5v accessories (specifically a USB GPS) for charging while on the road. I was hoping to find...
  7. Jayhawk

    Good Yamaha OEM Accessories

    Ordered some goodies last week (25% off retail, no tax). They arrived today. Vendor looks legit. South Seattle Sports Plaza