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  1. texas-ss-tornado

    Suspension adjustments

    So this 2015 VMAX is a bit tall for my tastes, will changing the settings on the stock suspension help at all? I'm already thinking about a new Corbin seat, I've heard it's a good 1/2 inch shorter, what other options do I have for lowering it?
  2. G

    Racetech Emulators Adjustments

    Hey guys , has anyone done racetech emulators on there vmax in combination with progressive springs . I have done my share of for forks , looks like standard drilling out the drill out damping rod and weld up the rebound holes . Just wondering what spring on the emulator , blue or Yellow and how...
  3. srk468

    Carb adjustments...

    Reset my floats last night and stepped up my main jet one size but when I did it I put in some non ethenol 93 octane and resynced and the throttle response is so much better... Don't know if I was just a little outta sync or if its just the gas but it made a very noticeable difference, can't...
  4. NHVmaxpower

    valve adjustments HUH???

    :ummm: OK I'm no dummy was a mechanic for years out of HS. I've done many many valve adjustment s but damn I was replacing vc gaskets figured I'd adjust valves while in there and shit I have never seen or done these they look like a pita to do w special tools,disc needed. I guess I will bring...
  5. acammer

    Pilot circuit mixture screw adjustments, tempurature relation...

    Hey guys. I have been riding the VMax since March of this year, after buying the bike in January. Bike has run very well, starts great, excellent power. I have noticed some drivability issues in the pilot circuit that have become markedly worse as the temperatures have climbing above 90*...
  6. G

    Main jet adjustments

    I am still trying to sort out my 91, and I wondered if anyone that needed to change their main jet size can tell me how it ran before they sorted it out. My bike runs uneven and at higher rpms, 7k on up it runs very poorly, but sometimes picks up around 8500 rpms and takes off. Does this sound...
  7. BIGMO

    Carb Adjustments

    Carbs have been rebuilt. New slides and diaphrams. Morley Muscle Jet kit stage 7 needles. stock jets. I am getting not great fuel mileage, approx. 70-80 miles till light comes on. I am wondering which should I try first. Screwing my A/F screws in a half turn at a time to get better...
  8. M

    Adjustments after installing K&N air filter

    I am finally planning to install the K&N air filter for my 2004 V-max (one piece, not the 4 pods). The guy who convinced me to buy it said I'd simply need to adjust some screws X amount of turns. What do I need to do to the fuel mixture to ensure it runs well? I have no modifications to my...
  9. 9

    driveline lash adjustments

    Hi, I,m new to vmax ownership. long time rider and mechanic, though. has anyone done any of the driveline lash adjustments they show in the manual? there is about 4 or 5 different things to check and reshim. my 93 has 41000 miles and it seems to have an excessive amount of play to the drive...
  10. Eazrider

    Idle Mixture Adjustments

    I was cleaning the carbs on my '85 Max the other day, and noticed 2 of the idle mixture screws were missing the "O" ring that goes onto the idle mixture screw "stack". Yamaha does not sell this "O" ring separately. does anyone know where I can get an "O" ring that will fit?