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  1. frank5079

    He urged drivers to be aware of motorcycles. Two months later, a car killed him This is so sad!!! I cannot stress enough about situational awareness, especially that late in the evening/night..... Apparently the two on the bike were northbound in the center lane of Seminole Boulevard approaching 114th...
  2. Traumahawk

    I wasnt aware of this until now.

    On Labor Day 2013, Welfare Pays More Than Minimum-Wage Work In 35 States Since 2009, the Fair Labor Standards Act has dictated that the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Some people think that’s too low; others think it’s too high. But it turns out that, in 35 states, it’s a better deal...
  3. firefly

    Radial conversion pit falls to be aware of

    Max looks awesome with a 180 rear tire BUT as I experienced, I did not notch the swing arm thinking it would fit as per kosman. What I found out is that I needed to file down 1/8 inch off the tire to make it fit. at the same time Shawn ordered the same wheels from kosman and this time the rear...