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  1. M

    Media bias?

    Think there might be a little bias in the news...
  2. B

    Bias vs Radial

    I currently have OE type and size tyres that are getting on and will need replacing soon . I am after some opinions on new set of std size tyres in Metzler or shinko vs new set of the fatter bias tyres vs new wheels and radials ? I don't expect it to be able to go around corners like a...
  3. carnut108

    Mixing front radial and rear bias tire

    First let me say that I respect what you guys have to say about most everything. I posted a question in another thread on this subject but did not get the info. I was looking for so I am making a new post. I want to put a radial tire on the front of my Max. Some have said that all MC...
  4. Diablotin

    radial tire lifespan vs bias type

    I was just wondering if the radial tyre were lasting less than the bias type on a vmax. Any feedback guys ?
  5. Diablotin

    Combining Bias on front and radial at the back

    Based on vmaxoutlaw it's a pretty bad idea: "Never run a bias ply tire on one wheel and a radial on the other or I can tell you from experience that this will destroy the handling of the V-Max that you are working to enhance. Whatever wheels you end up with after you follow these steps, you...
  6. vmax1125

    radial and bias question?

    i know this has been talked about before but let me ask again i have a 110/80 radial on the front and plan on installing the stock rear wheel with maybe a 170/80 tire is this a problem. i know it was said you could run both together but which combination and what happens when you dont listen i...
  7. B

    New to Bias tires

    After years of dreaming I finally picked up my V-max. A very nice 97. Previously how-ever I have always riden sport bikes and all have had radial tires. Here's the question. Is it normal for the bike to wiggle and want to follows any cracks in the riding surface. It was a little disconcerting...
  8. firefly

    What is the difference between bias & Radial tires?

    Why do radials offer superior performance compared to bias tiers?