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  1. B

    Blank center console spot

    Has anybody on here figured out what to do with the blank spot on the center console? It bugs me, and I'd like to put something cool or useful there. Thanks Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. P

    help! How do you remove the blank bolt with no grooves at upper triple trees.

    Hi, I was just about to tear down my forks but then i saw this: How am I supposed to remove this kind of bolt? The service manual shows a regular allen bolt...
  3. S

    Custom blank wheel with straight edges

    Hi! I need a blank wheel 5,5" wide for one of my projects. Customer wants the rims with straight edges on them. I've found rear 10,5" wide rim, but cannot find smaller for the front. Does anyone know where can I find one? I'm attaching 2 pics - the rim with machined inner side is what i...
  4. L

    Dummy indicator 'blank'

    For some reason the blank indicator lamp bugs me and I have tried to think of a real use for this thing. I have mentioned this before but now I have seen something new (to me) It is a voltage display LED. One LED that changes color and flash rates according to charging or battery health. Web...
  5. L

    'blank' indicator lamp useage

    Has anyone ever thought of using the 'blank' indicator lamp area on the dash? I have thought of (1) low battery or alternator output, I could go into detail on this. or (2) a lamp the increases in intensity as the V boost come in with max brightness at full V boost. (3) when cooling fan kicks on...
  6. firefly

    Blank key for max, an extra one is a good idea I made a quick release build in the key so I don't damage the beloved scoop. Get a key tht is all metal . 1- grind the head of the key in a V shape, with the wide part up. 2- Get quick steel from any auto parts store. 3- Get a quick release key chain as...