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  1. dannymax

    Burned one with Mom last night!

    ....One what? ....One 16 yr old! :a014: http://news.msn.com/crime-justice/police-mom-helped-son-partake-in-fire-challenge :ummm:
  2. 65fury

    burned up my R/R

    Well i cooked my R/R.... not sure if this is a normal way for these to go:ummm: I found a new one online for $40 so its not a big dent in my pocket book, but i just dont want this to happen again. Im curious if something else electrically could have caused this problem? Bike still runs fine...
  3. hexec

    Totally burned clutch

    I totally burned my clutch the other day while lighting up the rear tire. The friction plates (rings with pads on them) where totally cleaned off and some rings were broken. The metal plates are all black, they were once silver. Needless to say, I need new friction plates. However, can I get...
  4. D

    think I burned up my clutch/friction plates

    Went to do a 2nd gear burnout today before getting my new tire on ...wouldnt spin (not enough water probably) so I said f@@k it and went to trailer it and it would hardly move! changed the clutch friction plates and steel plates approx 2 yrs ago....yamaha brand. Took them out and there is a...
  5. Jayhawk

    Top 3 ways to get burned on a used V-Max?

    I'm still looking for that perfect deal on a low-miles used bike. (Why are there so many used bikes for sale in the NE, yet here in the Dallas area..nearly zippo? ;) ) Since I'm a complete noob, how about providing your top 3 things that might be missed by a novice when looking at a Max...