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  1. Fire-medic

    John Surtees dies, F1 & motorcycle world champion

    John Surtees died, the oldest Formula 1 driver's champion, and the only F1 and world motorcycle roadracing champion. I saw him race at Watkins Glen the year...
  2. Itgoes

    Heavyweight Champion of the World!

  3. richwrench

    Champion = Best Spark Plug

    OK - I've always been an NGK guy since the late 70's when my Kawi dirt bike wouldn't run on anything else, but this past week I've had a change of heart. A month or two ago I went through my carbs & replaced an air cut-off valve (thanks Mark) & did a thorough cleaning - the 'MAX ran AWESOME, but...
  4. D

    Dreamster66 is the new Breakout champion!

    sorry Shawn :( Thanks for sharing ONE of your MANY crowns D66