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    I'm buying Sean's jet kit, would like comments

    Hello everyone, First and most important I trust Seam 100% so this thread isn't meant to question his kits or his knowledge. Now to my question, I would like to hear from anyone who has his kit installed in their VMAX, I'd like to know how your VMAX runs and when you installed it did you...
  2. dannymax

    Any opinions, thoughts, comments?
  3. VikingD

    Tony Blair Comments

    I just got this from a buddy and thought it was pretty cool, so here it is for your reading pleasure, or displeasure if you don't agree. Subject: comments by Tony Blair In case we find ourselves starting to believe all the anti-American sentiment and negativity, we should remember...
  4. firefly

    Comments about the 17 inch front wheels/tires

    The first ride after changing to a 17 inch front wheel / tire combo I was jumping with joy as the bike became / felt much lighter and easier to turn at slow and high speeds but as time went by scrutinizing the bike's performance I realized that it caused a severe case of over steering ( the bike...
  5. firefly

    I have kosman 17 inch front & rear comments

    I have kosman 17 inch front & rear comments For the money they are great yes the bolts look ugly if you let it get to you but as for performance its a great deal.I used a 180/55x17 rear without notching the swing arm I had to file down 1/8 inch off the tire to make it fit so my next tire...