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  1. Forgottenone1227

    2009 Yamaha VMax 1700 - Customized - $5000

    Hey all! Been a LONG time since I've been on here. Well, I've recently run into financial problems and I've got to sell my baby. Here's what I've got. Oh, and I'm in Arizona in case you were wondering. 2009 Customized Yamaha VMax (the faster black one) Asking $5,000 FIRM. Below book value...
  2. VMax-Mike

    Paypal for Todd motorcycle accident (customized creationz)

    My wife and i have a paypal set up to help Todd get through his motorcycle accident and pay his bill's please send what you can. Thank you.............Mike and Michele [email protected]
  3. VMax-Mike

    customized creationz and short notice

    Thanks Todd for taking care of my dads xmas present with such short notice. Todd invited me to his shop and let me wait and watch while he performed this task of laser cutting the grand kids names into a knife and it turned out great. Todd knows his way around the laser thats for sure. Watching...
  4. C

    Reschedule of Oct 20th For Customized Creationz 1st annual ( 2nd attempt ) Track Day!

    So we are rescheduling for Oct 20th 2012 for the track day. Just post here if your still attending! Thanks Todd
  5. C

    Oct 13th Lapeer Dragway 1st Annual Customized Creationz Hooligan Vmax Race Day!!!!

    Ok so it turned from a lets get together, to lets make it an event. Though it may be a small event, we have to start someplace. SO..... I ll sponsor the event with the plaque for the bracket racing winner. A set of cylinder covers will go to whoever runs closest to their dial in. This is a...
  6. mikemax04

    Customized Stock Seat

    This is my third attempt to make the stock seat more comfortable. Each time one gets better at it and can truly say that it made a huge difference on the length of time I could bare to stay in the saddle. Now I can travel for hours without the need to stop and stretch. All three sections have...