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  1. Fire-medic

    an actual Darwin award

    This dog owner is a complete and utter aXXhole. :damn angry::damn angry::damn angry: https://www.facebook.com/ABCDarwin/videos/10156566809379873/
  2. caseyjones955

    Darwin took a day off.

  3. Miles Long

    Darwin awards - ALABAMA candidate

    I can imagine how the conversation went...... Foreman- Listen up, y'all, we be needin' a volunteer to go knock down that littl'old smokestack. The company boss says who ever dood it will get a DARWIN AWARD! Billy Joe - Ain't never heard of Darwin, but I ain't never won any awards. The...
  4. Fire-medic

    Darwin Award winners

    Whoever hangs-out w/these people who work like this, don't! Stupidity may be contagious. Florida's shade tree mechanics and getting the tree ready for work.
  5. gleno

    Darwin Award - Next Winner?

    I just found this thread in another forum and I'm thinking this guy might just win the next Darwin Award with this bike he's building.. http://www.thechopperunderground.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php?t34244.html What do you guys make of this guys mods :ummm:
  6. Jayhawk

    Darwin takes another

  7. mabchewy

    Canidates for the Darwin Awards

    People never cease to amaze me!
  8. Max01red

    2006 Darwin awards...

    2006 DARWIN AWARDS In case you have been waiting breathlessly for this year's Darwin Awards, here they are.. The awards this year are, once again, truly classic. These awards are given each year to bestow upon (the remains or estate of) that individual, who through single-minded...